Managed Service Provider

As business becomes more dependent on Technology, outages mean your business can’t function. When you have an outage normally you would have to call a help desk, and maybe schedule a service person to come out. All of this at an hourly rate. With a Managed Services Plan, you make one phone call and we fix it. From server crashes to network problems we got you covered.

Telecom +

If phones are crucial to your business then you need a good system and someone you can count on to design it. We can design our system to any size or need that you may have.

Backup +

Ransomware, Virus or human error incidents do happen in business. The safest thing that you can do is have a backup. Our Backup+ plan will allow us to design a backup that will fit the needs of your business.


Your router is the front door and heart of your network in your business. In today’s technology world, if you run a business you should have a business class router and wifi. We can provide just that.


This day and age a free antivirus is not going to work for your business. You need a paid version. We offer a managed antivirus program.

Leased Server

Servers are the workhorse of the business infrastructure, but they being with them a heavy cost. We allow our clients to lease the server so that they are not stuck with a large hardware cost and larger set up cost. It’s a calculated cost for calculated growth.